Yesterday at the Aquarium…

One of the things I like to do when working at the gift shop at the aquarium is to spend my lunch time in the aquarium exhibit hall taking photos and finding one new thing to learn about.  The walls of  the aquarium are floor to ceiling with information, rather like walking through a 3-D encyclopedia.  Unlike any other aquarium I’ve been to, where the focus was almost entirely on the “animal, wow!” aspect, with very little possibility of actually learning something new inside the aquarium, there is a HUGE amount of information on the wall.

Yesterday my bit of info to learn was about tunicates:


I also photographed the whale watching information to look for new material.  That photo had a lot more glare on it, so I won’t post it here.

The main point, however, was to photograph the animals and other displays in the aquarium:


The octopus isn’t always out and as easy to photograph as it was yesterday!


Wavy top snail


a crowd starts to form waiting for the touch tank to open


the seahorse display in the mudflats room is almost ready!


world ocean day information station


whales: relative sizes.  I photographed from this angle because (a) it looks cool and (b) I always forget what side of a fin whale’s jaw is white.


Outside the whale room we have letters and drawings from some of the students who’ve visited the aquarium.  This is one of my favorite places in the exhibit hall!



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