Today I headed north up the coast to Marina del Rey to serve as a naturalist on the Matt Walsh.  Captain Nick did his best, but whale watching doesn’t come with guarantees: Whales don’t pre-arrange with the captains where to meet up.  I’m scheduled for two more trips on the Matt Walsh in July.  They’ve been seeing Patches the dolphin up there, as well as minke whales.

No big whales today.  No spectacular photos of marine mammals.  Lots of dolphin, but I didn’t get photos.  Sometimes when I’m working as a naturalist, I don’t get close enough to the rail or a clean shot, because I’m putting the guests on the boat up front, especially the kids.  But I did get this photo of a pirate and his cannons atop this building in Marina del Rey.


There was also this huge yacht (yes, that is a helicopter under the cover) that was in the harbor. This is the Attessa IV, and it belongs to billionaire Dennis Washington.  Forbes did a story on it, and has a photo album of the interior of the yacht from after it’s remodel.



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