Patches and Chief

Yesterday I posted about taking the Matt Walsh out of Marina del Rey, in the hopes of seeing Patches the bottlenose dolphin.  I no sooner got home when I saw reports that Patches had been seen off Dana Point that day in Orange County.  It seemed for sure that Patches was where-ever I wasn’t.

Today I was out on the Newport Legacy.

I was wrong.

Not the greatest video… shot between people, but I cherish it!

Here’s an old photo of Patches from the Orange County Register:


photo: Orange County Register

and we got a good look at Chief the Humpback again, who was peduncle throwing for the boat ahead of us (I could see him in the distance) but had stopped by the time we got up to him.  But he showed good fluke:


and that’s a photo that can lead to a positive ID.

We caught up with another humpback in a location where there was frenzied feeding: Dolphins, sea lions, birds, then a humpback rose up in the middle of it all.


several animals feeding near the surface.


and there’s the humpback, a still from my video of the event

stills of the whale’s flukes showed it had a more solid dark underside, definitely not Chief.

There was also a big mola mola in the water at one point, which just swam away before I could focus the camera on it.

But seeing it just under the surface ticked off another item on my “want to see” list.


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