Birthday Fail

Capture.JPG Well, it was a good idea.

The birthday didn’t go as planned. Woke up sick and shaky, and by the time I felt well enough to go out and do something, it was afternoon. Instead, I went out and got a single serve of cheesecake at the local market, and asked for a “happy birthday” tab to put on it. All in all, pretty pathetic.

As disappointing as the actual day was, it’s reminded me exactly how old I am, and that the bulk of my life is behind me, and that I don’t have a huge stretch of time in front of me that I can waste feeling miserable or sorry for myself.

My day out and about around LA? Not canceled. Only postponed.

Yesterday and today was all about dealing with a sick dog, but it looks like everything will be back to normal tomorrow. I’ll probably do some things around the house, go to the thrift shops on Tuesday, then it’s back to work on Wednesday, but I’ve got some whale watches planned, and I’ve freed up some time to do other things this summer.

Missed out on the Groupon coupon for the glass fusion, but there’s always a Groupon of some sort for the place, and I found one for glass mosaic workshops a little closer in Seal Beach as well.  Plus I plan on going to that paint night at church for sure… so yeah, I plan on doing a bigger variety of things that make me happy.

That’s my birthday gift to me, and I figure it’s a pretty darn good present.


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