Once More into the Breach…


a bottlenose dolphin with a calf, one of two cow/calf pairs in the harbor at Marina del Rey.

I went out on the Matt Walsch today.  I’ll be honest. I seriously thought of NOT going, since I’ve been exhausted caring for Cinnamon, who has been ill since my birthday.  But I went, because there has been a humpback pair displaying courtship activities out there, and I wanted photos.

As we were just heading out, still in the harbor, we came across two female bottlenose dolphins, each with a calf at her side.

As it turned out, there was only one humpback out there today, and I filmed him for a cycle:

I stopped filming, and my camera began to “process” the video…  Suddenly the whale shot straight up out of the water like a rocket, streaming sea water, and twisted over in a magnificent breach.  No one expected it. On the entire boat, only one person captured it on camera.  Hopefully it’ll be up on the Matt Walsch Facebook page soon.

This was my first time seeing an actual breach, so I was thrilled.  It seemed over way too quickly though, and I think I was in a little shock seeing that whale get that much air.

On the way back there were several pods of common dolphin traveling toward a feeding ground we could see in the distance.  One pod crossed our path, and swam with us a few minutes as we went into shore.



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