Outside the Inner Circle

I’m what they’re now calling a “Virgin Mobile Legacy”.  That means I started with Virgin Mobile before their new program, The Inner Circle.  When I started with Virgin Mobile, you got a choice of phones (Android and iPhones) and phones at various prices, including reconditioned phones that were, in many cases, better and cheaper than the ones offered in the store.  When I started with Virgin Mobile, I could call customer service and NOT get a recording saying the number had been disconnected.  I could dial 611, and actually get through.

Virgin Mobile continues to “support” their legacy customers by offering phones to them (and only them) but at prices that are not really terribly good, considering that they haven’t dropped from when the phones came out a few years ago, and the choices have narrowed (presumedly they’re just burning inventory?) which means eventually my phone will die (it’s not doing so well now) and my plan and the “legacy” will be pretty much useless.

Unless, of course, I want to put out hundreds to buy an iPhone (which I don’t)  it looks like my phone use will become a lot more primitive.  Gone will be most of my aps that save me money shopping or keep me in touch with my bank.   I’m likely to end up back with Access mobile, AKA “Obama Phone”.

Yes, I could get a phone with another company. T- mobile likes to advertise “one price: $40/line”  what they DON’T tell you in the on air ads is that’s for FOUR lines.  If you have ONE line, that’s $70 per month, almost twice what I’m paying now with Virgin Mobile.

Boost has a plan with 3gb  4G LTE, and 3gb hotspot (which may be useful when traveling with my iPad, where I could upload my aps, and access them from my mobile hotspot)  but it’s little better than Access, except for the hotspot.  Oh, and the phone and call quality, which sometimes is a little shaky on Access.   The other problem is a “month” is 28 days, not a calendar month for service, so your payment date is constantly changing.

I’ve been reading up on the “best prepaid plans for 2017” but a lot of the plans have changed, and things are getting worse for many phone customers, at least ANDROID phone customers. If  you want to pony up for the iPhone (which I can’t) than Virgin is still the way to go.

At this point I’m looking at the big picture as well.  I hope Virgin does not become the model for an iPhone monopoly.   I wonder what will be available to android users in the future, or if Apple would ever consider making an affordable iPhone.

The worst part of all this for me?  Well, I just finished linking all my loyalty cards to my new phone number, and memorizing my new number (which I’ve had for less than a year now) and now I’m likely to have to change phone numbers, unless I pay more money for a different (and probably less reliable) carrier.


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